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New Semester, New Adventures

It’s been a while since the last post – final exams tend to make law students retract into their hermit caves. I am pleased to announce though that finals went well and that but for one errant B I would have aced the semester.

The job hunting front has been feeling a bit better. I’ve secured some alternative sources of funding in the event I go forward with the solo front after graduation. I’d be living the college student diet for a while but such is the price of making your own market. On the flip side, I’ve been working the networking as much as I can and have some leads that may pan out or not.

Tax world has been a little crazy – who would have thought that there would be no estate tax in 2010. Unfortunately for clients its going to be a massive headache as many estate plans have been built around the premise that we’d always have an estate tax and exemptions. With no tax, devises that relied on formulas based on values found in the Internal Revenue Code will be causing all manner of litigation. I suppose I shouldn’t complain about what is a positive outlook for business but it does raise concerns about whether Congress will fix the ticking time bomb that is 2011 when the Bush tax cuts sunset and a whole litany of estate planning tools go up in smoke.

Tomorrow is always another day, hopefully better than the last.


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January 14, 2010 at 8:03 pm

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