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Featured by Lawyer Connection and Other Tidbits

Much thanks to Gwynne Monahan for featuring me on Lawyer Connection this week. For the new (which is pretty much everyone), I am an ’08 graduate of Chicago-Kent College of Law and a licensed attorney in both Illinois and New Jersey. Having graduated right into everyone’s favorite worst financial meltdown since the Great Depression, I’ve been on the road less traveled in terms of finding that elusive first job. A few months, many resumes, and a handful of interviews later, I returned to Chicago-Kent as a full-time LLM in Taxation student, diving into my other favorite subject in law school (IP was my first but the lack of a Bachelor’s of Science the USPTO is willing to look at took me out of that market fast). These days I spend lots of time with my friend 26 USC (the Internal Revenue Code).

I continue to write in order to keep the skills sharp and continue to learn the ins and outs of networking the best I can between school, the Chicago Bar Association, and my newfound compatriots on Twitter. I also continue to ponder whether I should make that final leap and seize my own destiny by starting my own law practice right off the gate. However, like a good lawyer, I know that I’m going to need lots of information and help waiting in the wings before I go off on my own.

Gwynne, TweetCamp Chicago (@MauraHernandez, @kdc, and their helpers), and the Chicago Bar Association folks have been very helpful in keeping the spirits up and providing guidance as to what I can do to get to where I want to be. Although they get very little if any money for doing this, I think the big picture is that of the human tendency to help others in the eventuality that one day you may need help yourself. There is more to life than pursuit of the almighty dollar although even I admit that they are kind of a required element for bills to be paid =).

More of what used to go up here as short commentary has moved over to Twitter although occasionally I’ll plug something here as legal analysis does not lend itself well to being expressed in 140 characters.

  • This is a lesson that many lawyers learn the hard way but it is worth repeating for those who serve on juries. Do not disobey a judge’s order, even if you disagree with it. There is a time and place to argue but in that very judge’s courtroom and presence is not one of them. Juror Who Caused Mistrial With Online Research Must Pay Jury Fees [Lowering The Bar]
  • Sometimes I wonder how our predecessors survived as children having such dangerous weapons as knives and hunting rifles. First-Grader Beats Rap for Knife Charge [Lowering The Bar]
  • Not sure but I’m fairly certain this is probably one of the largest claims in the nature of qui tam I’ve ever heard about although one does wonder why the informant who got the IRS a case against UBS for $780M plus the back taxes and interest from taxpayers was also thrown in jail. The UBS Informant [TaxProf]

One last thing, I have a new hat to wear in addition to student and attorney – I’m also now the Legislative Liaison for the CBA’s Law Practice Management & Technology Committee. Time to see what Springfield has in store for me come next legislative session.


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October 19, 2009 at 3:14 pm

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