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Back to School, The Gameplan, Odds and Ends

I’m back and already a week deep into the Tax LL.M. program @ Chicago-Kent. It appears to be last minute summer vacation week as two of my instructors were off and had stand-ins who were quite impressive in their own right. Of the classes, International Transactions and Sales and Exchanges scare me the most. The former was a veritable wall of alphabet soup on day 1 (thank you Congress) and the latter’s professor reminded me of my high school calculus professor – potentially very good but I’ll have to fight for every point with blood, sweat, and tears (probably in that order). Paper topic for the independent study seems to be decent and can be done without any advanced knowledge that I’ll need to learn here. Soon as I get my research accounts turned back on I should be ready to rock and roll – hopefully no one scoops me between now and the time I finish the paper.

Sat down with Career Services last Friday to sort out the gameplan for securing some kind of employment (solo or firm) in the next 9-ish months. Already doing many things on their list such as going to CBA meetings but need to do more such as pounding more pavement. I’d like to not say I’m living on borrowed time but I think that’s the best way to be living right now in order to make sure I really do land something by the time I get out.

As for odds and ends, Judge Wu finally issued his written decision overturning the three misdemeanor jury verdicts against Lori Drew. As expected, and hoped for by civil liberties groups, the decision was based on a constitutional challenge under the Void-for-Vagueness Doctrine holding there to be definitional and actual notice deficiencies as well as no minimal guidelines governing law enforcement. Many including myself were concerned about the delegation of the definitions of criminality to a civil contract amendable at any time by the opposing party and Judge Wu noted that under normal circumstances, breach of contract exposes a party to civil but not criminal liability. Orin Kerr has a more complete discussion @ The Volokh Conspiracy as well as the decision itself. Although I’m sure there are many who are disappointed that Ms. Drew got away without criminal penalty for her morally reprehensible acts, I believe that this is the correct result in that Ms. Drew was not convicted using a law not intended to proscribe the acts she committed.


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August 30, 2009 at 2:35 pm

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Short Quips: August 11, 2009

Less than two weeks from now and it’s back to law school with me – this time as a Tax LL.M. student. The new game plan gives me an academic and experience edge over others in the market and buys me a year to ride out the less-than-stellar marketplace.

The New York exam wasn’t nearly as horrifying as I have been told but it was no walk in the park either. It’ll be until half way through November until the results come out but at least I am already licensed and not in that same rushing-to-wait situation as the 2009 graduates.

Odds and ends:

On vacation starting this weekend, will return around the 24th.

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August 11, 2009 at 1:31 pm

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