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Finally, Someone Who Understands The Streisand Effect

Written by William G. Pecau of Steptoe & Johnson, Gripe Sites: Sue or Stew @

Finally, the target might seek to engage the operator of the gripe site to find out just what his/her problem is and see if it can be rectified. This would be the cleanest, easiest, and cheapest solution. It might not work, but it has little downside risk and might, if not immediately successful, attenuate the ferocity of the attacks and might in the long run hasten the end of the site, by causing its operator’s interest to wane.

Maybe I have not been jaded by years of practice yet, but isn’t this what the practice of law is all about – finding the most cost-effective solution that achieves your client’s goals (which may not necessarily generate the most billable hours)?

Written by Vincent Kan

April 14, 2009 at 2:40 pm

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