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Short Quips: January 25, 2009

  • As a general principle, I believe that there is often a bit too much antagonism in the practice of law. I suppose part of this stems from the observation that some of the most successful advocates tend to be outright jerks to deal with (whether this comes from the advocate’s own personality or that of his client is another matter altogether). However, I think that I would derive great enjoyment out of referring opposing counsel to the reply in Arkell v. Pressdram.
  • After learning a specialized area of knowledge one never looks at the mundane in the same way again. For example, typographers go utterly crazy with Arial v. Helvetica whereas most of the rest of us go “oh, it’s that font that isn’t Times New Roman.” I think I’m off the deep end for those of us who went to law school when after reading this short from Not Always Right my first thought is, “is there any kind of products liability for broken water?”

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January 25, 2009 at 1:23 pm

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