chain of causation

a series of events in the life of a lawyer

The Causeless Cause

Five thousand eight hundred and eighty or so hours after law school released me from its iron grip with a pair of bar exams and a continuing job search in between, I’ve finally made the first step in blogging. My name is Vincent H. Kan and I am an attorney-at-law.

It’s been a long road to get this far – growing up in Parsippany, getting my Bachelor’s in Information Systems at the University of Maryland, College Park, continuing on with a Juris Doctor at Chicago-Kent College of Law. Then there was the lost summer studying for both the Illinois and New Jersey bar exams simultaneously. And as many a bar examinee has suffered, the dreadful wait between the end of July and when exam results are announced and the quest to find employment. Most of us will remember way down the road that Fall of 2008 was not exactly the greatest time to be looking for one’s first job (“worst financial crisis since the Great Depression” and all that).

So, while I am continuing on my search for gainful employment (and hopefully having to owe income taxes), I am finally starting up chain of causation as sort of a chronicle of my personal efforts towards carving out a career in the practice of law, observations on our sometimes imperfect but continuing to be refined legal system, and the life of one guy who tries to break out of the stereotype that all lawyers are the scum of the universe.

While this project may have been born out of wanting to keep my skills sharp while I try to make headway in this difficult market, I do hope to continue writing here for as long as I can.

Written by Vincent Kan

January 18, 2009 at 10:03 pm

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